The Scourge Project: Episodes 1 & 2

Project Description

Sci-fi cover-based third-person shooter built with Unreal Engine 3, featuring 4-player co-op campaign and 16-player multiplayer modes. Released on Steam for PC April 2010.


– Managed entire ‘The Scourge Project’ team
– Defined goals and tracked progress
– Performed risk assessment
– Developed workflows for all departments
– Handled all recruitment for Game Designers
– Conducted staff performance reviews
– Oversaw creation of all promotional material
– Handled outsourcing of art, animation & voice-over
– Directed motion-capture sessions
– Directed voice-over sessions
– Pitched games to publishers


– Developed initial game concept
– Created/maintained all game design documentation
– Defined tools/engine requirements
– Developed game plot, setting and characters
– Created cut-scene storyboards
– Wrote entire dialog script and all in-game/menu text
– Organized external focus group sessions
– Reported regularly to stake-holders

Project Details

Client: Tragnarion Studios

Tags: Video Games

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