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“As a seasoned Game Designer with Unreal Engine 3 experience and titles developed for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, OS X, iOS and Android, I bring a wide range of skills and expertise to every project I am involved with. I thoroughly enjoy learning from other disciplines and feel that this makes me both versatile and able to forge strong collaborative relationships with fellow developers.

I find the iterative process of taking exciting ideas from concept to execution greatly rewarding, be it a gameplay mechanic, game environment or narrative journey. I have a strong desire to take ownership of my work, pride myself on being methodical in everything I do, and firmly believe that ‘the Devil is in the detail’. With accomplished organisational, communication and interpersonal skills as a Lead Game Designer and Producer, I am also capable of galvanizing teams, achieving objectives and meeting deadlines with high-quality results.

Having achieved my goals of completing several games while shaping Tragnarion from a start-up into a fully-fledged studio, I felt the time was right to pursue fresh opportunities on exciting and original projects back in the UK. Since returning, I have dedicated quality time to my wife and children, as well as working on personal projects using GameMaker Studio and other game development tools. I am now extremely eager to contribute my years of professional experience to a new team where I can continue to cultivate my skills alongside talented and hard-working developers.”

– Omar ‘Bodikai’ Salleh





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