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[testimonial_slide author=”Jon Wright, Product Manager, Telenor Digital”]”Omar is a natural lead … a great source of motivation and positivity, an excellent mentor to junior members, a calm head in times of stress.”[/testimonial_slide]
[testimonial_slide author=”Åke Mora Temnerud, Head of Studio, Tragnarion Studios”]”‘Passion’ is the perfect word to define what this man feels for video games and the video game industry.”[/testimonial_slide]
[testimonial_slide author=”Eugenio Vitale, Product Lead, Ubisoft Blue Byte”]”…extremely devoted to his work and open to support both business requirements and team perspective.”[/testimonial_slide]
[testimonial_slide author=”Rob Blake, Audio Director, Electronic Arts”]”I’d recommend him to studios looking for a proactive and visionary designer to join their staff.”[/testimonial_slide]

[testimonial_slide author=”Tommy Alvarez, Senior Environment Artist, Ubisoft Redstorm”]”…Omar’s diplomacy and understanding was essential at resolving conflicts, establishing goals and connecting people.”[/testimonial_slide]